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This is the blog which contains the worship sermons for First Presbyterian Church McMinnville, Oregon done each Sunday at 9:30 am. This blog is posted to every Monday on a weekly basis.

Sermon for 09/14/2014 called “Becoming the Church: Born Imperishable” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this second sermon in a series on Becoming the Church, Pastor Matt Johnson explains that membership is an essential connection between Christ and a local congregation. He tells us that earthly structures will wither and die, like dry grass, but the love we have from Christ is an imperishable seed. This love is God’s “word” – Jesus own life, death and resurrection.

Sermon for 09/07/2014 called “Becoming the Church: Out of God’s Own Life” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this sermon, Pastor Matt Johnson begins a sermon series on Becoming the Church. This is class content for the Fall New Member’s Class which began today. The main point today is that we can’t believe in God on our own. Jesus has to enable us to believe. As members we become fundamentally different people when we submit to Christ and the body of Christ (the church). Then our identity is rooted in Jesus Christ, God’s faithful son.

Sermon for 08/03/2014 called “Working Out” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday was about working out our salvation in the here and now. Pastor Johnson told the congregation that we can “live in obedience to God through obedience to our community of faith.” If we do this Pastor Matt tells us that we should actively experience salvation as we live out our lives together moment to moment with our friends in Christ.

Sermon for 07/20/2014 called “Allosity” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In today’s sermon, Pastor Matt Johnson spoke about “the characteristic of being oriented towards the needs of others.” He made up a word to fit his definition, Allosity. Pastor Matt emphasized that we are not only to believe in Christ, but to suffer for him. He told the congregation that the kind of suffering Paul spoke about means to “look to the interests of others and value the interests of others above your own.” Pastor Johnson told us this kind of Christian friendship doesn’t come naturally. However, he told us that “it’s something that we receive by grace and work at through humility and commitment to the life in Christ together.”

Sermon for 07/13/2014 called “Love that Abounds” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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Today was a joyful day in our church as it was the first sermon preached by Pastor Matt Johnson, our new full time pastor! Pastor Matt spoke to the congregation about what it means to be friends in Christ, friendships between Christians. He told us that because these relationships include the presence of Christ, they can make us more like Christ.
This sermon was the first in a series of sermons Pastor Matt will preach from Philippians on “Friendship + Jesus = ?” this summer.

Sermon for 06/29/2014 called “When the Kairos Comes” by Rev. Jack Hodges

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The Reverend Jack Hodges told the congregation today, that this Matthew passage is a hard one to preach. He said that today’s Christians don’t think these words apply to us, but they do! The point is about priorities and commitment the Reverend Hodges said. He said these words are particularly important to First Presbyterian Church in the light of our new opportunity to begin with a new pastor.

Sermon for 06/22/2014 called “Care for the Soul” by Rev. Jack Chan

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The Reverend Jack Chan spoke to the congregation today about caring for their souls. He reminded them not to take their souls lightly and to live wisely. He spoke about Hell and said that Hell is the existence away from the presence of God. Reverend Chan said the best way to faith is to let love grow in your heart. Finally, he noted that “Love, perfect love, is yours to have in Christ.”

Sermon for 06/15/2014 called “The Divine Community” by Rev. Dr. Carolyn Johnson

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This Sunday the Reverend Doctor Carolyn Johnson spoke about the trinity and how hard it is for humans to explain or understand that three persons could be one. She told the congregation it was O.K. not to understand this because most people don’t. Reverend Johnson told us that what we can understand is God wants us to: love people, show mutual respect for them and live self-giving lives.

Sermon for 06/08/2014 called “God’s Fresh Wind” by Rev. John Harland

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Today the Reverend John R. Harland speaks to the congregation about Pentecost. On that day, “The Birthday of the Church”, Reverend Harland tells us that “the Holy Spirit translated and Peter interpreted.” Today if we tell the truth about the importance of Christ in our lives from our own experience, we are both interpreters and witnesses to Jesus Christ.