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This is the blog which contains the worship sermons for First Presbyterian Church McMinnville, Oregon done each Sunday at 9:30 am. This blog is posted to every Monday on a weekly basis.

Sermon for 04/20/2014 called “Jesus Speaks About Himself: ‘I Am The Resurrection and The Life’” by Rev. Jack Hodges

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In Reverend Jack Hodges Easter sermon, we are told that there was no joy that first Easter. Instead the people were confused and fearful of what had transpired. Reverend Hodges reminds us that the resurrection story still confounds people today as we experience a Good Friday world full of natural disasters, human error, homelessness, crime, injustice, sadness, etc. However, he tells us that John’s gospel wants us to understand that “the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the final guarantee that…nothing can stop the life-force that God brings, not even death takes life away.”

Sermon for 04/13/2014 called “Jesus Speaks About Himself: ‘I Am The Way, The Truth and The Life’” by Rev. Jack Hodges

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In today’s Palm Sunday sermon, the Reverend Jack Hodges, speaks about Jesus being the great moral teacher. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. When we have faith, we have the sustaining power that goes the distance on the rocky road of life. Reverend Hodges emphasizes that Jesus emphasizes that Jesus opens the way for our hearts to go home and that Jesus brings us to God.

Sermon for 03/30/2014 called “Jesus Speaks About Himself: ‘I Am The Light of the World’” by Rev. Jack Hodges

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Reverend Jack Hodges tells us the story of the man who was born blind, to whom Jesus returns his sight. He says that John wants us to think of this story as a metaphor for Jesus being the light of the world. We meet Jesus and then we grow in faith. Growing in faith is the theme of Lent. Taking baby steps in your faith development is what God intends us to do.