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This is the blog which contains the worship sermons for First Presbyterian Church McMinnville, Oregon done each Sunday at 9:30 am. This blog is posted to every Monday on a weekly basis.

Sermon for 11/23/2014 called “Inside Worship: Creation” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this final sermon in the series, Inside Worship, Pastor Matt Johnson speaks about God’s beautifully created world. He says we connect with God when we are out in the world. Pastor Matt reminds us that “worshiping on Sunday morning is not to be forgotten the rest of the week.” Our actions should reflect God’s character, creation, and praise of God.

Sermon for 11/16/2014 called “Inside Worship: Justice” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this sermon on Justice, Pastor Matt Johnson told the congregation that we can’t fix every injustice in our world, but we can notice them and allow God to empower us to intervene where and when we can. Examples of God’s love making sense in the real world for our congregation are the Community Dinner and a mission that may emerge, such as C-WISH. In such endeavors, we join God in loving others.

Sermon for 11/09/2014 called “Inside Worship: Lament” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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This sermon was the sixth in a series, Inside Worship: Lament. Pastor Matt Johnson spoke to the congregation on the importance of public grieving or mourning about what has happened to us in this world. Pastor Matt told us that grief used to be common place but in today’s world there seems to be a phobia attached to lament. However, Matt said we need to be examples to one another and our children, for “lament is a God honoring posture.”

Sermon for 09/21/2014 called “Becoming the Church: As Living Stones” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this final installation of new members class sermons, Pastor Matt first spoke about sanctification, connected community and a holy priesthood of believers. He then spoke about Presbyterian theology – or what Presbyterians do. Finally he described the political structure including: church elders, Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. It was a very thorough explanation of Presbyterianism.

Sermon for 09/14/2014 called “Becoming the Church: Born Imperishable” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this second sermon in a series on Becoming the Church, Pastor Matt Johnson explains that membership is an essential connection between Christ and a local congregation. He tells us that earthly structures will wither and die, like dry grass, but the love we have from Christ is an imperishable seed. This love is God’s “word” – Jesus own life, death and resurrection.

Sermon for 09/07/2014 called “Becoming the Church: Out of God’s Own Life” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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In this sermon, Pastor Matt Johnson begins a sermon series on Becoming the Church. This is class content for the Fall New Member’s Class which began today. The main point today is that we can’t believe in God on our own. Jesus has to enable us to believe. As members we become fundamentally different people when we submit to Christ and the body of Christ (the church). Then our identity is rooted in Jesus Christ, God’s faithful son.