After much work and discussion, the following Mission Statement was adopted by Session at their August meeting:

See Him, Know Him, Live Him Life with Christ Starts Here!

Called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, our community of faith seeks to serve our immediate community and the world at large by being the living presence of the risen Christ.

We will fulfill this charge by:

Seeing Him –     recognizing the face of Christ in everyone we meet.

Knowing Him –   celebrating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the gifts of the Spirit through dynamic worship, prayer, study and service.

Living Him –      striving to be more like Christ by freely giving of our time, treasure and talents which we have received through God’s grace Life with

Christ starts here –   we joyfully invite all to join this journey of faith.

– August, 2011


A Vision for Ministry in McMinnville

First Presbyterian Church is a community of people of all ages that believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. We treasure the diverse richness of the Christian family. As such, we are an inclusive community that welcomes everyone to know the joy of life in Jesus Christ. We are committed to helping people from all walks of life realize the full spiritual potential that is inherent in being a child of God. We believe that God has a purpose for every person, and meaning can be found in this life. We are committed to helping all people discover that meaning in the richness of their lives. We commit ourselves to equip people to grow in Christian faith and service to the community by means of a focused lay development ministry that fosters small group fellowship, personal faith development, and the discernment and implementation of each person’s unique gifts for ministry. We seek to become a church called to develop fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ, bound together in a faith community, by celebrating God’s presence through daily acts of worship, charity, and forgiveness, and by reaching out in hope to the world around us.


Praising God Through Worship and Music

  • Seeking to offer our praise through spirit-filled worship, we recognize God as the Creator of all life, the source of all hope.  As recipients of God’s enduring love and goodness, we offer worship and music as our opportunity to acknowledge and honor these gifts of grace.

Creating an Environment for Spiritual Growth

  • Living as a Child of God is a life-long faith journey that requires study, prayer, worship and fellowship.  This journey is both inward and outward, in the spiritual growth of the individual person and the church community.  The church provides opportunities for everyone to grow in this relationship with Jesus Christ.

Reaching Out in Service to Our Community and Beyond

  • Striving to further God’s mission within the community and the world, we commit our personal service and our financial resources.

Providing All Ages with Opportunities for Christian Learning

  • Knowing the importance of following Christ and developing a Christian life style, we are committed to offering all ages programs and activities that are scripture based and faith affirming.  It is through these sharing relationships that we maintain, enhance and expand our church community.

Adopted by Session April 11, 2012