Head of Staff, Pastor Position – PNC Progress

Presbytery USA has recently completed a new and improved computer program that will allow our PNC to move forward in a manner that matches pastoral candidates to the identified leadership characteristics identified by First Pres McMinnville.  After a brief break, your PNC is excited to see who God may lead to us to be our next pastor. We have 28 new applicants to review as of our October 15 meeting.

Thank you to the congregation for your patience as we continue our work.

Colin Cameron, Sandy Sherwood, Marvin Slater, Shirley Crenshaw, Donna Reynolds, BJ Barlow and Cathy Stephens


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The Process

As a visual cue and as a symbol of the process, we have chosen the image of a Labyrinth.

The labyrinth reminds us of our own church grounds but on a broader and more symbolic level it represents the walk or journey we are all taking as we call a new pastor.

To borrow from and to paraphrase some of the information printed in our own Labyrinth brochure:  A Labyrinth has only one path.  It is not a maze with tricks and dead ends.  A Labyrinth mirrors where we have been and where we want to go. It is a path of prayer and is a pilgrimage.  It is a crucible of change.

Our own labyrinth is a Petite Chartres design.  Over the next many months, when you see the labyrinth symbol, take the time to read the accompanying text as it will give you an update as to the progress being made by your Pastor Nominating Committee.PatternPetiteChartres

1. PNC elected.

2. Writing and Submitting CIF (Church Information Form)

3. Receiving PIF (Person Information Form) from candidates.

4. Reading and screening PIF.

5. Contacting references.

6. Meeting prospective pastors face to face.

7. Choosing the nominee.

8. Preparing to present the nominee.

9. Congregational Meeting to call the pastor.

10. Welcoming and supporting the new pastor.


Head of Staff Pastor Position

First Presbyterian Church of McMinnville is now accepting PIF’s from applicants for our vacancy for Pastor – Head of Staff position. The major responsibilities are found below. PIF’s may be submitted through the PCUSA CLC or directly to the PNC of First Presbyterian via email pncmcminnville@gmail.com or via US mail to PNC,  First Presbyterian Church, 390 NE 2nd St, McMinnville, OR  97128Major Responsibilities:  For What Specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

  • Develop and communicate the vision of the church.
  • Help congregational members grow spiritually and expand their commitment to mission, ministry, and stewardship through the use of their time, talents, and treasures.
  • Provide biblically based preaching and teaching ministries to meet the needs of the congregation and attract new members.
  • Schedule periods of time for study, preparation and planning.
  • Preach, lead in worship and provide a teaching ministry that will lead to the spiritual growth of the membership, including music and development of seasonal and special services.
  • Provide initial pastoral counseling.
  • Conduct weddings and funerals.  Provide pastoral care to those in need. Lead and inspire Session, assist in the development of goals, communicating a clear sense of direction and equipping the leadership for ministry.  Provide leadership to  Ministry Teams in order to implement the vision and direction of the church.
  • Participate as an active member of the Presbytery of the Cascades.
  • Provide visionary leadership to the church staff.
  • Participate in selection and hiring of staff members filling major department or program positions.
  • Participate in developing the budget and stewardship campaigns.
  • Support the Personnel Committee to develop job descriptions, policies and procedures and recommend staff development.