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This is the blog which contains the worship sermons for First Presbyterian Church McMinnville, Oregon done each Sunday at 9:30 am. This blog is posted to every Monday on a weekly basis.

Sermon for 03/08/2015 called “Following Jesus – Laborers in God’s Harvest” by Rev. Matt Johnson

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In this Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Matt Johnson spoke about 72 others chosen by Jesus who were sent out two by two with instructions about how to bring the Kingdom of God to many people. Pastor Matt’s point was for our congregation to understand that this passage from Luke is a model for us to follow in Oregon, where Christianity is on the decline. We can point skeptical people to Jesus by showing God’s love, mercy and peace and praying for them, Matt said.

Sermon for 02/15/2015 called “Encounters with Jesus – Transfiguration” by Rev. Matthew Johnson

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Pastor Matt’s sermon was centered on the importance of the Transfiguration for the disciples and for us today. Matt told us God was preparing the disciples for Jesus departure. God wanted them to understand Jesus was their only authority and they needed to listen to Him. Matt asked, “Who is it that goes with you…” when you are unprepared for life’s difficulties? Let Jesus be your companion on your life journey.