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This is the blog which contains the worship sermons for First Presbyterian Church McMinnville, Oregon done each Sunday at 9:30 am. This blog is posted to every Monday on a weekly basis.

Sermon for 03/13/2016 called “The Anointing of Jesus” by Pastor Matt Johnson

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Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon today was focused on the woman who anointed Jesus. Pastor Matt described the hearts of five characters in this passage: 1) the chief priests, 2) the woman, 3) those in Simon’s house, 4) Jesus and 5) Judas. Jesus described the woman’s action of anointing him for burial as a beautiful thing. Finally, Matt posed a question, “Do I love Jesus like that woman?” Matt said, “We can be generous, not only with our money but with our hearts.”

Sermon for 02/28/2016 called “Cleansing the Temple” by Pastor Matt Johnson

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This Sunday, Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon was focused on the only temple for worship in Israel. Pastor Matt told the congregation that Jesus was angry because outsiders weren’t allowed to worship in the temple. Matt explained that Jesus not only ended the entire temple system then, but introduced a whole new way of praying for all people.

Sermon for 02/07/2016 called “In and Out” by Pastor Matt Johnson

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Today Pastor Matt Johnson asked Who is in and who is out, when it comes to the ministry of Jesus? Pastor Matt told the congregation that even Jesus had to grow and mature to include all people in his ministry. Matt explained that God’s spirit will also guide us to open our hearts to be a hospitable community to all people.

Sermon for 01/17/2016 called “Binding the Strong Man” by Pastor Matt Johnson

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This Sunday Pastor Matt Johnson continued his sermon series from the book of Mark. He explained that in this passage, Satan was the strong man and Jesus was the thief. Jesus stole the world away from Satan by bringing the Spirit of the living God into people’s lives. Pastor Matt ended his sermon with the question, “What is the source of your life?”