Year: 2017

Elders on Session:

Moderator:             Rev. Matt Johnson    Email Matt Johnson
Clerk of Session:    Sandra Sherwood   Email Sandra Sherwood

Ruling Elders Ministry Assignments Elder Email
Class of 2017
 Candice Cameron Building & Grounds  Email Candice Cameron
Belinda Garrettson Mission Email Belinda Garrettson
Ron Miller Worship & Music Email Ron Miller
Cathy Stephens Christian Formation Email Cathy Stephens
Class of 2018
George Barker Personnel Email George Barker
Gretchen Brunner Personnel Email Gretchen Brunner
 Sandra Sherwood  Clerk of Session, Nominating Email Sandra Sherwood
John Bush Stewardship, Budget & Finance Email John Bush
Class of 2019
Bob Irish Worship & Music Email Bob Irish

The Session meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Whitman Room.

Deacon Roster:

Deacon Ministry Assignments Deacon Email
Shirley Crenshaw Memorial Services NA
Karen Curry College Student & Military Care, Nominating Email Karen Curry
Marilyn Enger Vice-Moderator, Memorial Services, Caregivers Support Group Email Marilyn Enger
Marie Hewitt Hospital Equipment Closet, Hospital Visitation Email Marie Hewitt
Jan Irish Caregivers Support Group Email Jan Irish
Sandra Lawrence Home Care Email Sandra Lawrence
Sheila McCluskey Hospital Visitation, Fellowship & Hospitality Ministry Team Email Sheila McCluskey
Luella McKenzie Memorial Services, Transportation Email Luella McKenzie
Lee Niederer Moderator, Hospital Equipment Closet, Hospital Visitation,
Email Lee Niederer
Barb Shoof Hospital Visitation Email Barb Shoof
Eileen Slater Secretary Email Eileen Slater
Carolyn Tomlinson Home Care, College Student & Military Care Email Carolyn Tomlinson

The Deacons meet the second Monday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Whitman Room.