Sermons by Matthew Johnson

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Our Hidden Life


Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday was about our hidden resurrection life. Pastor Matt reminded us that, of course, Christians have a life beyond this earthly life. Matt emphasized that when Christ returns we will put on our new self.

Hold It Together

Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday was about Jesus Christ holding our world together. Pastor Matt noted that because our world seems smaller due to technology and communication, etc., we think we should be able to control it. Matt emphasized that we cannot control it. He said that our hope needs to be in Christ because he is bigger than our world.

Fruit Season

Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday focused on peace instead of the violence of this past week. Pastor Matt told us we are all welcome in God’s Kingdom. Matt said there is grace, peace, faith and love springing from our hope in Jesus Christ. He noted that the Gospel bears great fruit as it draws people in.

He Took Up Our Pain

This Sunday Pastor Matt Johnson ended his sermon series on Isaiah’s prophesies. Pastor Matt spoke about Jesus’ life and purpose as the suffering servant. Matt noted that we, as Christians, can advocate for those suffering in our world by following in Jesus’ steps.