Shall We Dance?


This Sunday we had a guest preacher, Margaret Wallace. Margaret said that people have shifts of obedience to God or something else and we should examine what we are obedient to God may not be a simple, clear cut path, but obedience to God can bring liberation and overwhelming joy.

Our Hidden Life


Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday was about our hidden resurrection life. Pastor Matt reminded us that, of course, Christians have a life beyond this earthly life. Matt emphasized that when Christ returns we will put on our new self.

A New Song


Today David Walters, our Music Director gave a reflection on how we can use music to praise the Lord.

Hold It Together

Pastor Matt Johnson’s sermon this Sunday was about Jesus Christ holding our world together. Pastor Matt noted that because our world seems smaller due to technology and communication, etc., we think we should be able to control it. Matt emphasized that we cannot control it. He said that our hope needs to be in Christ because he is bigger than our world.